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Combine and mix to develop your own personalized custom home wine cellar. All wine cellar rack components are 1.810mm, 225mm deep . Combine racks to build your cellar.  Structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking.

This wine rack collection is designed to accommodate wine bottles that are Champagne size in our Individual Bottle Racks. 

email us wineracks@classico.co.nz with your measurements.

Individual Bottle Racks accommodate Champagne size bottles.


Curved Corner $635.00 inclusive

Physically 515mm wide x 1.810 high


Diamond $535.00 inclusive

Physically 614mm wide x 1.810 high

Rectangular Bin $535.00 inclusive

Physically 780mm wide x 1.810 high


Individual Bottles $575.00 inclusive

Physically 676mm wide x 1.810 high